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The Problem
The Problem
Every day approx. 2000 people die in this country and most of them leave their families with all the problems of Intestacy - this means dying without having a legally valid Will.

Most people incorrectly assume that all their possessions will automatically pass on to their husband or wife or other members of the family.

Unfortunately, many families often face immediate financial hardship and sometimes they even have to sell the  family home simply because no Will had been written.

The law of intestacy means that the State  writes a Will for you and your possessions are distributed according to that law.

How many people would want their estate to be divided in a way that gave them no choice in the matter?

Would you want your partner or family to face unnecessary extra difficulties at a time of great distress?

Without a Will you miss all the chances of passing on particular gifts to your friends or favourite charities.

If you have a young family would you like to have a say as to who may have to look after them?

Would you prefer to choose the friends or family who would be able to carry out your instructions as you would wish?

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Are You Sure?

  • Do you want to provide for your family as you would wish- or by the laws of intestacy?
  • Will the family home have to be sold if you die?
  • Will your property and possessions be distributed to the people you want and in the way you want it?
  • Have you appointed guardians for your minor children?
  • Who will carry out your instructions if you die? Who will act as your trustees? What will it cost if you name a bank or solicitor?
  • Are there any special gifts to go to friends or charities?
  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Do you run a business? Will it be able to carry on without you?

All this and more can be dealt with in a Will.

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